Frequently Asked Questions
What is this?

BetterCensorship is an innovative new tool that allows you to censor your images simply in a reversible way, to bypass censorship laws in various draconian states.

Really? And what are you charging for this "tool"?

Nothing! The tool is completely free, right now and into the future as well.

Then how do you generate profits? Do you store and sell the data that we upload?

We do not store any data whatsoever. The entire codebase is client-sided, meaning that everything happens in your browser, and nothing actually gets uploaded to our servers. This project, and any others that we at Circle 2 Labs develop, have been funded by the nice folk at our Patreon and SubscribeStar.

How do I know that this tool won't suddenly disappear, and my images left permanently undecensorable?

Owing to the fact that this tool operates entirely within the browser, with no server calls, you can simply save the page (needs to be served through a webserver, even a local one) or rebuild your own service using our code, and it will keep working.

What services do images generated by this tool work on?

Any service that directly stores and displays the images the users upload, instead of modifying them, is compatible with this. Known working examples are Pixiv, DeviantArt and Discord. Known broken examples are Patreon and Twitter, who discard any and all payload data inside images.

I can't seem to upload galleries of images on Pixiv that work properly.

On Pixiv, there is a limitation that galleries must have only one file type for all the images. You must upload only PNGs, and no JPEGs.

The tool doesn't seem to work on my browser.

Because all operations happens client-side inside a script, tools that disable scripts (Noscript, Brave's inbuilt script blocking, etc.) will break the tool.