Open File
(For Censoring)

Pixelate by pressing or holding down your left mouse button.

Scaling can be changed with Shift + Scrollwheel, or the slider/input below

You can undo and redo your changes by pressing the buttons below (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y also work!)

You can also rotate the censor "tool" by using Ctrl+Scrollwheel, or the slider

You can add a password to your hidden data, to secure it from prying eyes.

And then, simply press download at the end!

Note: All dialog boxes can be moved by holding the title.

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Add Text
(Empty field valid option)
Image handler crashed. Please double check that the file is actually an image no greater than 4000x3000 and 50MB in size. Press OK to reload the page
Image is too large (safe limit is 4000x3200). Usage not guaranteed. Tool may be unstable.
Image already contains a data payload. Proceeding further will remove any such data from the final censored image.
File is too big to be processed properly (50MB Limit). Press OK to reload the page
Please wait while the image processes. Processing time depends upon image size and edited content